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XIME Admissions 2011 FAQ

My hearty wishes to all the MBA aspirants. I am posting this blog for clarifying your questions on XIME admissions that you post in PagalGuy forum.

Since most of your questions are repetitive and given that it is very tiresome to look just 2 pages back before posting a question, I have gathered the queries and answering them here.

Application Process

Download the application from Fill the form with all the necessary details. Few questions that arise while filling the form

Q: I do not have the last semester score since I will be passing out only in 2011

A: You can specify only the average till the second-last semester

Q: What do I do if I have backlogs?

A: I would suggest you to assign just a pass mark to that subject and calculate the average

Q: What to attach?

A: Only your CAT/XAT/ATMA score card along with duly filled application form

Q: Do I get any confirmation of receipt?

A: You are suppose to get the Acknowledgment, which is attached with the application form, back. But, as the application submission closure is approaching, I would advise you to call after 2-3 days of applying and confirm with the admissions office

Q: What happens when I purchase the form from institutes?

A: Possession of that form which comes along with the prospectus implies that you have paid the application form fee. So you need not attach any proof of payment. In case you have downloaded the form online, then you need to send a DD of the application fee along with the duly filled form

Q: Does XIME accept Feb ATMA score?

A: XIME accepts Feb ATMA score. But since the results for it would be available only in March and that the last date for sending your score cards is in Feb, as a special case, you need to send a hard or soft copy of the score card as soon as you get them. The soft copy can be sent to Also, remember to check this option in the application form and leave the score      boxes empty.

Q: Are all the score CAT/XAT/ATMA treated equal?

A: Well, this is not official but I do not think so. The reason being that neither all these are equal in difficulty nor the number of people taking up these tests are same

XIME accepts CAT/XAT/ATMA and anyone is sufficient for applying. In case if you have scored low in XAT then just mention your CAT score and can omit XAT altogether

You need to send only the photocopy of the score cards of all the entrance exam (CAT/XAT/ATMA) you are applying through. The photocopy of other documents will be verified and collected during GD/PI

Placements at XIME has been good. Its 100% always and the average package as of last year is 5.6L

On selection process, the initial call is purely based on a minimum cutoff which is and can be decided only after all the applications has been sorted out. The work ex., extra currics like NSS, paper presentation etc. would matter only during the GD/PI. Each category has a weightage attached to it and appropriate scores are given to them. The overall score would then say who would get through. A fresher with good GD/PI has equal chance to get through as a 5 yrs work ex. who does average or below average.

The fee is around 7.3L including 1L for the international tour. ROI is something you need to find out based on the information you have, as it is subjective

If you have your final degree results/mark sheet yet to come, do not worry, go ahead and apply, leaving those fields empty. You need to send the result information or the score card photocopy as soon as you get them.

For details on how GD/PI goes refer the links section below

You would get the acknowledgment that is attached to your application form to indicate receipt of your form. Leave some 15-20 days for it to reach you. If you haven’t got it even after 20 days then you could use your application form# as your reference and check with the admissions office of XIME at the numbers mentioned in their website.

For all those concerned with their chance of getting call and/or converting then…

Explanation on cut-offs

Till last year, 80+ for work ex. and 85+ for freshers would have been a SAFE BET but last year the cutoff was dropped till 77 %ile. So its not possible to say what would happen this year. But nevertheless 80+ in either CAT or XAT should do. I am not sure about ATMA as this is the first time XIME is accepting ATMA. This year the applicants for MBA is as such low and to XIME as well. So the cut-off can go below 77.

XIME does not have sectional cut-offs

Also, AFAIK XIME treats CAT & XAT same.

P.S. There are students who made it with 77+ & 79+ in XAT so no need to worry much and prepare well for GD/PI


XIME is known to have 100% placements from its inception. Over the years, the average package has been increasing gradually. Here is the placement figures of the year 2009

Average Salary – 5.33 Lacs HR Highest Salary – 18 lacs and Least – somewhere around 3.5lacs

Its a general practice that B schools do not open-up current year’s placement figures and so do we.


Official Website –


Life @ XIME XIME Campus Bangalore Weather

11 comments on “XIME Admissions 2011 FAQ

    March 1, 2011

    Hello Sir,

    i just wanted to know wheteher we have to get the photocopies of the documents attested by someone, because its not mentioned as such.

    My interview is on 5th March at Cochin…

    Thank You…

    • manivelgk
      March 1, 2011

      If its not mentioned then its not needed. You are required to bring the originals along with the photocopy.

      • Srinath
        March 1, 2011


        How many photocopies are needed for GD/PI

      • manivelgk
        March 1, 2011

        Just keep one copy of each document mentioned in the checklist and any other that you want to let them know about.

  2. anusha
    March 13, 2012

    How are the hostel facilities in xime?

    • Manivel
      March 14, 2012

      The hostel facilities are good for boys and little problematic for girls as they have shared bathroom. The girls hostel is within the main campus. For girls, you have to be in by 9PM and will not be allowed outside without special permission.

      • anusha
        March 14, 2012

        Thank you… How many ppl hav to share one room?

      • Manivel
        March 14, 2012

        3 shares a room.. its quite big enough though

  3. Surendar
    March 13, 2014

    How is the life at XIME? Too much disciplined? How about this Internation study tour? worthful? mandatory?

    • Manivel
      March 15, 2014

      Yes there are restrictions in many aspects of the college life but once you get along with others, you will know how to find a workaround 😀

      The worth of International study tour depends on which country & the places in the country you visit. Nevertheless, it’s very brief & you learn not much that you would if you spend a semester there as exchange student.

  4. Sreyashi
    March 8, 2017

    May I know what kind of questions are asked for GDPI?

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