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iOS 8.3 Emoji update – Inclusive or Racist

Recently, Apple released its iOS 8.3 update with lots of improvements. Out of all the updates, the Emoji on the inbuilt Keyboard underwent a few changes. One such change which caught my eye is below 


 If you haven’t notice (which isn’t hard in this case), the hand gesture emojis will now include varying skin tone. So to say that you can give a White, Brown or Black thumps up.  


I, particularly do not understand the reason behind having this option. Did the team think having a neutral skin-tone (non-biased) isn’t enough? 


It is also strange to note that there isn’t any outrage on the Internet in this regard. So is it safe to assume all this is was done in good sense? If so, then Apple should explain what that Good Sense is. Otherwise, it seems more like a bad taste. 


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