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Dear friends, I have been getting queries from few of you regarding the recruitment process and Wipro and I have been unable to respond to you. Also, to save time & phone bill, I will just put down my experience in this blog post. If you have any questions, comment it and I’ll respond. Ensure you read the post and the comments completely before you ask a question as it might have been already answered.


In 2012 recruitment at XIME, Wipro decided to have a GD a month before the actual recruitment. This is to save time on the D-Day and to shortlist candidates. Before GD, we had the pre-placement talk explaining the company and job profiles. The GD was for elimination and on an average 3 out of 6/7 were eliminated and in some batches all were eliminated, so it depends on the evaluator. GD topics were simple & sometimes you may get to choose your own topic as a group.

They look more for your attitude, team play, voice tone (dominating or submissive etc.), ability to articulate and other such skills that you might have learnt about for your MBA GD/PI. The content of discussion was given less priority and the expectation was that you don’t go off topic/offend anyone.


Before I talk about the interview, you should know my profile

Experience: 45 months

Company: TCS

Profile: Developer/Support

Domain: BFS

For me, all the questions were completely based on my work experience. Some questions that I could remember were:

  • Any challenges you faced at work and how did you handle them?
  • What did your day-to-day activities involve?
  • Some questions on domain, if the interviewer has idea about it
  • How your job/work fits into the client’s business?
  • What was your learning at TCS?
  • Questions on the technology I worked with.
  • Why did you choose to do MBA? after 4 years?
  • You would’ve got better package if you just continued at TCS? Why spend money on MBA and get paid less? (the answer should reflect your short & long-term goal)
  • What did you learn in your MBA? that you would’ve missed while working at TCS?
  • Your favorite subject in MBA course? (either you choose something you are thorough with or something which the interviewer, most likely, will not know about)
  • Tell me about your family. (I couldn’t figure out why this was needed)
  • Some more questions about family, dad’s job etc. (they asked me why I didn’t take Retail since my dad owned a shop)

If you are a fresher, still there may not be much questions from the subjects especially for IT jobs. So relax and give it your best shot with confidence.

Wipro Experience

So far, my experience with Wipro has been great. The induction was in two batches and our batch had enough time for a world tour. We had two weeks of induction with introduction to various LoBs (Line of Business) at WI. The induction was conducted by the Sales Academy so it was more inclined towards Sales (they do not have separate programs for separate profiles). In the two weeks, you’ll enjoy your stay that ends at Keys Hotel.

Project allocation & location choice will be the first bump. Our first shock was that there were no pre-sales requirement (this may not be the case with your batch). So the HR tried hard to convince us that Business Analyst and Pre-Sales are same (though am not sure if they did it to calm us down or just that they never understood the difference). Once we are convinced, they gave us the list of open positions at various locations & asked us to choose, which ended in a bit of chaos which sure made the HR say they’ll never do this exercise with the forthcoming batches (so good luck with that). This was new to me since the HR usually does random allocation and doesn’t give the choices to the joiners. My choice was voluntary.

After moving to Hyderabad, I was taken as a shadow resource and was to help the BAs with their task. I was acting as an offshore BA until I got to do my own Use Cases and be author of an SRS.

The toughest part will be when you are put on bench for a long time. You may ask why they do that when they recruit based on requirement? The answer is what you learnt in Project Management class. They plan and forecast a requirement based on various parameters of existing project or expected project. But this may not be realized as planned due to resource cutback or unsuccessful bidding. Whatever might be the reason, give some time before you start worrying about it. There are ways to deal with this and people have successfully done it.

Pre-Sales vs. Business Analyst

Pre-Sales comes into picture well before a BA starts work. They co-ordinate with different solutions team (Architects, Technical Consultants, Sales Person etc.) to provide the solution at a very high level to the client, called “Proposed Solution”. This is done after the RFP is received from the client. So a pre-sales guys has overall knowledge about the client’s business, technology, sales, project finance etc. but no depth in it. They cut-across all the dept. and move to other projects once the solution is accepted by the client and the analysis & development starts at the next level.

Business Analyst is the one who will be in touch with the stakeholders of the project (the users, clients, vendors etc.) to understand the application to be created and prepare a requirement documents. The documents created by BAs are the bible for the developer and testing team. BA needs some technical & low-level knowledge, though it is possible to do without them. They are at close proximity with the implementation team. This is also a good place to start and them move to pre-sales

Other Interview Experiences

I applied only for a few company out of which Wipro & ICICI came on day zero. By the time I sat for ICICI’s GD, I was convinced that Wipro is my place so I did not open my mouth during the GD.

Overall, Wipro has more potential for growth and at the level you are joining, can do good if you are self-motivated and confident.


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