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Brand Creation & Destruction

Last year was the most memorable for Dhanush (Kollywood Actor) as one of the song from his yet-to-be-released movie ‘Three’ went on to become an Internet sensation. With its 44 million views (and growing) and the “Recently Most Popular (Gold)” & “Trending (Silver)” in YouTube, it has become the talk of not just the country but the world with every news channel including CNN IBN reporting and Flash Mobs in Auckland playing it. There were many home-made videos and amateur pop videos based on the song. YouTube has about 20,000 videos with this title. And Dhanush was instantaneously popular.

Now comes the bad part. Thinking that he has created a brand for himself, Dhanush and Anirudh (the Music Director of the movie ‘Three’) took the next assignment of penning down and composing a song for Sachin with sponsorship from Boost. It lead to a disaster. The song was an instant flop though it gained more than 4 million views. Mostly the reviews were negative and people went on to say “it (the song) is like dishonoring Sachin”. Why this kolaveri?

The answer lies in understanding the success of the first song and whether it could become a trend. When kolaveri got out, most of them like it for its Tanglish lyrics and the beats but is a one off situation. Even the kolaveri received a lot of negative criticism but still managed to pull it out. While the second song lacked the beats which are particularly required when you brag that it is to Boost Sachin. The lyrics also failed to strike any chord. Secondly, Dhanush isn’t a brand big enough to absorb such fails especially when he targets nation-wide mass which is still unfamiliar with him and his acting skills. He was in the process building a brand image across the nation when eventually collapsed as he touched on something that is so sacred to Indians and let it down. In effect, he has destroyed the very brand he built.


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