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The Multifaceted Man – Srinivasan Sir

It has been a while that I blogged about anything (as such I am not an avid blogger) but today I felt the need, the need to talk about someone whom I admire. I am going to talk about my Professor, Mr. Srinivasan. Throughout one’s life, you meet a lot of people who teach us subjects, from school teachers to college professors but as you look back you remember only a few who made an impression and if there is one person from this college who made that great impact, that would be our beloved Srinivasan sir.

An outright pragmatic person, who can talk on any subject under the sun. Be it human psychology or Black–Scholes model and cricket or philosophy, he can impress the class with his in-depth analysis that, am sure, you will not find in any text-book. Ever wondered the reason behind the introduction of bell curve? Why ethics has double standards? and How to live life with detached attachment? He has answers to all of them. Nevertheless, he is as humble as a human can get; a person who is the most ethical among them but admits that he is never perfect, as he says, “I am the most ethical person in the world while sitting in the couch watching television but not when I get to the ground and start working”.

I am sure no one else can teach us cost accounting, international finance or strategic corporate finance better than he did. He has the knack of converging everything into the subject; how a value dissonance can lead to an accounting fraud and how a strategic corporate finance policy can tackle it. He could connect every dot to give the right picture to us, which many would fail to even imagine. For every session, I go with an eagerness to learn something from him. Some say, “He repeats the same stuffs over and over again” but what they fail to understand is that it is to put a stress; “you do learn by repeating, don’t you”.

Srinivasan In XIME Library

If you think, he spends more time in philosophical thoughts rather than the subject then, my friend, you need to pay more attention on the way he brings everything back to the subject. Probably only a few can do such a seamless transition. As one of my friend, Theagarajan said, “He is a person who spoke from his heart and not from the text books”.

Our nightmare of this man leaving us before we cross the river haunted us for long and this nightmare has become true – thanks to all the good hearts that made it possible. “You can hide the sun with a fist but not its glory” – true to these words, he will remain in our hearts as the most favorite professor and his aura will haunt the college for years to come.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the world ends in 2012.

To know more about his famous quotes, visit

Update on 9 Jan 2012: Srinivasan sir will be handling one subject for batch 16 in their final term. Unfortunately, I will be missing his class as I have not selected the elective.

Update on 7 Apr 2012: After a two-year stint of his knowledge, philosophy and guidance, we (batch 16) had our last class on 29 Mar 2012. Though the classes are over, we are privileged to have the guidance to continue.

In the Library of XIME


Update on 27 Oct 2012: It has been 6 months after we have left the college and some of us already started to miss his lectures. So we planned to meet Sir on 27 Oct, a day before the XIME Annual Alumni Meet. It was a wonderful 2 hours spent in which he summarized his entire 2 years of lectures to us (on the subject of Corporate Life though). When I thought it’s going to be the same, I was amazed at the new experiences and lessons he shared.

To me, Srinivasan Sir is like a good book; “You learn new things every time you read it”


4 comments on “The Multifaceted Man – Srinivasan Sir

  1. kapil
    December 18, 2011

    so true

  2. Sanket Aradhye
    December 18, 2011

    Very well written my friend! Has he left the college???

    • Manivel
      December 18, 2011

      Kind of. He has not been given any subject (yet) for the next term and has been kept away from batch 17 for the past two terms. So the intentions are pretty much clear.

  3. Nazeeb Alam
    April 5, 2012

    well written indeed.. 🙂

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