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Run-Through: 180 Rules Kidayadhu

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Starting with the title: 180 Rules Kidayadhu – Its a very meaningful title. Why? Be

cause the protagonist of the movie has only 180 days to live and he wants to live without rules but as the movie progresses, you would notice that none of this makes sense. Instead, it is the director who has assumed no rules while making the movie. If there is one thing that was interesting, it was the comments from the audience and not the movie. A typical love-and-cancer movie with a fresh look and fresh faces but unlike its parallels like Vaazhve Maayam or Vasantha Maaligai, it lacks in every other aspect like acting, screenplay, songs etc. The director should have taken lessons from the failure of Kadhal Virus despite its beautiful songs. The entire movie is predictable scene by scene.

The film opens with Ajay (Siddarth) taking a dip in Ganga at Kasi where a small kid enlightens him not to worry about the past and live for the present. The kid also helps him making tough decisions by asking someone to pick one of your two fingers (this runs through the movie). Ajay comes to Chennai and starts paying for rent, food, newspaper 6 months in advance (6 x 30 = 180, remember?). He also helps everyone whom he sees on road. But surprisingly, he helps only old women. He finds a  best way to deal with Chennai auto-rickshaws and am sure you cannot guess what it is, until you see the movie. He helps his house owner to setup canteen business, helps the newspaper boys to get education and sports an annoying smile always.

Nithya menon 180 4

Now, why does he has to do all these? There comes Vidhya (Nithya Menon), one of the heroine of the movie, who is a reporter just covering Ajay. The director is confused between chubby and fat. He brings a fat lady and makes her fall in love with our annoying hero. She proposes to him and he decides to leave. She gets her spine injured in accident while trying to stop him and here we come to know that our Ajay is Dr. Ajay MBBS, FRCS, MD and his chief is a spine expert. They move to America which is aptly shown by taking-off of the flight.

The memory of Ajay flashes back where he meets Renu (Priya Anand) and love blossoms. He likes her annoyingly happy character and maybe this might have influenced him as well. He marries, they go for honeymoon and one fine day, Dr. Ajay finds that he has Pancreatic Cancer in its advanced stage. He is shattered and so he drinks, breaks the bar, ends up in jail, sleeps on floor etc. etc. Finally, he realizes he is spoiling Renu’s life so he decides to move to a place and live in hiding from the family. In between this, Ajay’s mother comes from India for his marriage and dies before it. Don’t ask me why.

I am annoyed to write any further about the story of the movie. So I will move on to review the actors and some scenes.

Siddarth thinks if you smile you become a happy-go-lucky guy and if you keep mum, you are serious and worried. There is nothing to notice other than these two expressions from him which some reviews call “Mature Acting”. Priya Anand does a loyal heroine but isn’t bubbly enough rather she makes blunt jokes and funny scenes with her (re-recorded) mimicry talents. Vidhya does a better joke as a girl with expressive eyes filled with love but her accent is typical mallu-tamil accent which I hope is intended, if not then a letdown as well. Either way, her accent isn’t cute but rather reminds me of Poornam Vishwanathan (Idhu yennadhidhu…). Mouli and Geetha makes decent entries except for Mouli’s old style of jokes which fails to trigger laughter.

There are few scenes which are typical to Indian soaps and stage dramas. Here are few which I enjoyed

  • Mouli stops Siddarth while he was about to leave and gives him his mobile phone asking him to change it. He says “Battery Sethupochu” (Battery is dead) and Siddarth makes a sad face and just stares at the mobile with a background score of like something falling from the rack.
  • When Vidhya (Nithya) is in ICU, her friend makes a dramatic scene of sorrow while walking away from the ICU Unit towards a statue of Mother Mary – Everyone should watch this scene
  • Renu (Priya) lodges a missing complaint when she couldn’t reach Ajay for just 2 hours while doesn’t do anything when he is gone or may be that is what she wanted.
  • And many more small scenes, hard to remember once you are out of the theatre

On the whole, a movie worth missing. Watch it at your own risk.


4 comments on “Run-Through: 180 Rules Kidayadhu

  1. NM
    July 13, 2011

    Nithya menon is cute and not fat

  2. kapil
    July 14, 2011

    Siddarth thinks he’s go a huge market in telugu, but most people are starting to hate him….yuks, i hate him anyway….

    • manivelgk
      July 14, 2011

      After this movie, he will be seen no more

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