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Run-Through: Aayirathil Oruvan

Aayirathil Oruvan

Aayirathil Oruvan – now, what kind of a title is that and how can I relate it to the movie? This was the first thing to cross my mind while coming out of the movie hall. When I decided to write a movie run-through (I prefer not to use the most iterated word: Review) in my blog, I wanted it to kickoff with a most celebrated and wonderful movie to happen in recent times. I had two choice, Avatar and Aayirathil Oruvan, both were met with much expectation. Finally, my predilection compelled me to choose, Aayirathil Oruvan.

Note: The run-through assumes you have seen the movie and are able to relate what I have to say here, with the scenes from the movie.

Now, I have some analogies for the movie:

Missing the forest for the tree – Time & Money spent on research but not on Script & Screenplay

Missing the tree for the forest – In an attempt to achieve a fantasy, few logic errors were overlooked

To make my run-through short, I will adopt a different method of explaining how each department of the movie has performed for the movie, the positives and negatives of the movie.

Direction A genuine effort in making a out-of-the-line Tamil Movie
Production R. Ravichandran has high risk-taking capacity
Script Fascinating yet lacks substance
Screenplay Flows in right direction but fails to bring you to the tip of the seat
Editing Fair job as some scenes are jumpy
Re-recording Enhances the scenes but not always
Costumes Except Parthiban’s armor at his introduction, rest are usual
Make-up Was not needed for the search crew and not proper for the Cholan people
Set The village ruins, underground world are amazing
Props Very few used, like magnetic compass, Pandiyan Idol and the treasure at the village
Cinematography What it is, is what shown
Songs I don’t understand why songs were needed in this movie
Stunt Not much needed
Visual Effects Cheap graphics lets down the effort made on those scenes
Junior Artists Not much used
Post-production Should have improved on graphics
Acting Karthik – Does what is needed for his role Reema Sen – Surprisingly best performance. Steals the show Andrea – Did she act at all? Poor body language Azhagamperumal – Simple Parthiban – Apt depiction of a broken King Prathap Pothan – Its hard to recollect in which scenes he appeared

Positive Points:

  • The effort to bring a new genre into Tamil cinema and make a grand opening in spite of mixed opinions
  • A decent script with enough leads to run the movie
  • Reema sen’s performance as a descendant of Pandiyan Kingdom
  • Selection of Parthiban for the role of the Chozhan King
  • Choice of locations
  • Level of accuracy on historical facts and relevance
  • The village ruins and underground world
  • The war that defines the climax

Negative Points:

  • Screenplay – as the script is short, the screenplay should have been more interesting
  • Andrea for the role of an archeologists
  • The escape of 4 main characters from the 7 traps of Chozha. Some of them are unbelievably logic-less
  • The cruel scenes (not going to mention them) to say the state of the underworld Kingdom
  • Graphics – one can easily identify the graphics used. The sea creature is one of them


I had a lot of questions while and after watching the movie. These are not meant to be answered as no one is going to re-shoot the movie.

  • How can a Central Minister in India set a team for expedition using Government resources?
  • At this age of technology, why they need to travel along the path specified by a Pandiyan Army Chief and cross the traps to reach the place? (Ans: probably, if it was mentioned that the expedition is happening around 1950s or 60s, like Indiana Jones and The Mummy, it makes more sense)
  • Why the just-before-interval scene of the trio (Karthik, Reema & Andrea) being possessed makes me laugh while it should be scaring me?
  • Why the Chozhas are underground for 700 yrs, struck by hunger? Why didn’t they come out for food at least?
  • Why the people of Chozhan Kingdom dead dark? I mean, why they were made up dark rather than using artists with natural dark tan?
  • Why the Pandiyas (Minister, Reema Sen, Azhagamperumal etc.) are wearing a funny war outfit during the climax, when they actually do not belong to that generation of people?
  • Why the King was shown in bad light towards women? Was it really needed in any way?
  • Why a disgusting visual needed to show how bad the Chozhan Kingdom has fallen into hunger? A director’s touch should always be pleasant and appreciative
  • Why does few scenes remind me of some Hollywood movie?

Forgiving all these questions and logical flaws, the movie is definitely a leap forward in Tamil Cinema and is not for the weak hearts.

Please leave your comments on my run-through.

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